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ah, the innocent assumptions of youth

ah, the innocent assumptions of youth

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The 25 Best Teen TV Dramas of All Time    — April 16, 2014

4. My So-Called Life (ABC)

Stars: Claire Danes, Jared Leto, A.J. Langer, Bess Armstrong, Wilson Cruz, Devon Gummersall, Devon Odessa, Lisa Wilhoit, Tom Irwin, [and SHANNON LETO]

Sometimes you’ll come across shows that never really got a proper chance. They get one fantastic season and then they’re cancelled because a fanbase hasn’t had the chance to form yet. People always talk about what a travesty that is. But, when you think about it, one season shows are perfect because they never get the chance to disappoint us.

That said, My So-Called Life leaves us with only fond memories. Fronted by a famously red-haired Claire Danes and a pre-ombre-haired Jared Leto [with guest appearances by his brother, SHANNON LETO], My So-Called Life covers topics that were (and sometimes still are) too taboo to talk about at the dinner table, such as homophobia and teen homelessness. —Hope Schreiber

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spesswaces asked: #moretrivia TheSTART's lead singer Aimee Mann did backup vox on the song Colossus, a demo intended for Deadsy's second album Phantasmagore. Some people know of some kerfuffle Elijah Blue Allman had with Mars ganking Deadsy's style, but I think even fewer know that they ended up making up at some point (presumably), last I've heard they both went to see Sigur Ros at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in 2012. Now THAT had to be an interesting show.

"It’s like a Deadsy song
Pretty but something’s always wrong” — 93 Million Miles, orig. version

Someday someone will write the book.

old forum thread: "What’s with the whole 30STM/Deadsy ordeal? Or is there even one?" [2002]


Jeff Jaeger, from theSTART, was the original bassist for 30STM

His first band, Smirch, which he started at the age of 15, went on to play the Sacramento hard rock scene out of high school until it’s break up in 1997. That compelled Jeff to begin again in LA. Within a couple months he had become the third member of what is now “30 Seconds To Mars.” When the START suddenly lost a band member, Jeff stepped in to help out; everything clicked, and when the Stars aligned he made his decision to stay and play, with “the people that he loves and truly respects”.

*In “30 Seconds to Mars” self-titled album’s notes, Jeff Jaeger is credited with contributing to Buddha For Mary, End Of the Beginning, and 93 Million Miles.


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HQ Coachella Day 2, California - 12th April 2014

What’s the quote for how much Jared is being paid for this?

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