Goodnight kids, be safe, put that shoe horn away, heat that can of tuna and remember if your touchin’ it, be gentle, you can hurt yourself.
Last words from Jared. (playlist)






Jared Leto, Terry Richardson

then and again 


AO3 has some proposed changes to its Terms of Service & FAQ and today opens a 2 week comment period. Find out why they’re needed:

"There is one policy change that will not make a significant difference in our practices but may be of particular interest to users, which is our adoption of a DMCA policy similar to that of Wikipedia’s. It takes fair use into account, but also provides us with more protection in case we are threatened by copyright trolls.”

Q: Doesn’t the DMCA require websites to take down content regardless of fair use?

A:That’s how most providers, most of the time, implement it, because that’s the cheapest way to do it, and most providers don’t have ideological commitments to fair use that outweigh their desires to save money. Wikipedia, however, has a DMCA policy and a commitment to fair use…

from Wikipedia: “If WMF receives a valid and statutorily-compliant DMCA takedown notice, WMF will remove the content upon satisfactory review of the merits of the infringement claim.”

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*face palm* #triadalert


before Hurricane, before EOAD

there was Hunter

(Nova Rock — 2007)


In times of trouble

Ellen Ripley comes to me 

Speaking words of wisdom

Nuke the entire site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

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ah, the innocent assumptions of youth

ah, the innocent assumptions of youth

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