You. You, I like you. I’m gonna keep you.

Because. It just wouldn’t be a proper teen drama without a cute, clueless character named Jordan. #amirite

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yeah. this, basically

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the footnote: "Queer Masculinities…" (pdf)



30 Seconds To Mars Performing @ Live Radio Show for their Acoustic EP Album in 2002.Full Acoustic Show(Audio)

Acoustic TrackList : 
1.Buddha For Mary
3.The Mission

I dunno if you’ve listened to this but holy fucking shit this is the 30STM I love. Enjoy!

one of the best things ever…


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MTV commissioned artist Swann Smith to illustrate a limited edition bestiary that serves as a full guide to the creatures of Beacon Hills. The bestiary will be distributed for free throughout the weekend and Swann will be on hand signing copies at the Comic-Con booth (x)

The Book — every successful myth arc has one

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I see…Andy Warhol. What ya lookin at right now? #art #lovelustfaithdreamstour #labelsareforcansnotforpeople

eidetic memories

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