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Code of Ethics:

"…not a platform for commercial endorsement, shameless self-promotion, chronic negativity, obsessive stalkers, gossip mongers, or a place to talk about band members’ day jobs.” - CRASH

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someone needs a nap

*when they would actually give you animated icons for you livejournal (slash fiction) account


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Crash Crash

Palmetto Florida Acoustic Show, Reviews and Pix - December 1, 2005
(old forum - excerpt)

*Jared walking about a mile away from the tour bus, going to an antique shop and buying an acordian(sp?). And yes i have pics of him playing for me. =D

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warped perspective


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The bridge between reality and dreams is work. #DoOrDie #photosfromtheroad #notesfromtheouternet

when *reality* was Philadelphia

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#2 - A Beautiful Lie era