Wondergirls — Shannon Leto, with Doug Ardito of Puddle of Mudd (1999)

*context — 30 Seconds to Mars opened for Puddle of Mudd 2002

** Wondergirls have recorded a new version of “Let’s Go All the Way” for Iron Man 3

(the details)


Scott Weiland: vocals, keyboards
Martyn LeNoble:
Ashley Hamilton: vocals
Mark McGrath:
Jay Gordon :
vocals, synth
Ryan Shuck:
Ian Astbury:
vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion
Ken Andrews:
guitar, synth
Shannon Leto:
Doug Ardito:

The Wondergirls were a short-lived rock supergroup and side project formed in 1999. The band featured Scott Weiland, Martyn LeNoble of Porno For Pyros, Ashley Hamilton of F.I.N.E., Ian Astbury of The Cult, Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, Jay Gordon of Orgy and Ryan Shuck of Julien-K & Orgy, Shannon Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars, Ken Andrews of Failure and Doug Ardito of Puddle Of Mudd.

Unfortunately not much has been documented about this project. There are a couple of pictures floating around on the internet and there’s a music video that was much sought-after for a long time because there was no full version available in decent quality.

The Wondergirls recorded two songs, “Drop That Baby” and “Let’s Go All The Way.” “Drop That Baby” was only released on a promotional CD, “Let’s Go All The Way” was released on the MTV Celebrity Deathmatch soundtrack cd on November 16, 1999. The soundtrack also featured music by Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and Primus.

The Wondergirls shot a music video for “Drop That Baby” with director Mark Racco in 1999. The video was never officially released until Racco posted it on YouTube in 2010.

*fast forward* 2013


"The Wondergirls recorded two songs in 1999 for a Celebrity Deathmatch soundtrack: Drop That Baby and Let’s Go All The Way. The group originally featured Weiland, Mark McGrath, Ian Astbury, Jay Gordon, Martyn LeNoble, Shannon Leto, Ashley Hamilton, and others. The group have recorded a new version of “Let’s Go All The Way” for the new Iron Man 3 soundtrack, the new version of the track features Robbie Williams."

here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=fZ0tc9sLn-o 

(Source: belowempty.com)


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