Wilson Cruz:

Tonight, I accepted @jaredleto’s Best Supporting Actor Award from @aafca. Here’s the transcript of my speech:

“I am honored to join you this evening to accept this award on behalf of my friend, Jared Leto. Twenty years ago, I was fortunate to work with Jared on My So Called Life. Even then, Jared understood the power that a story could have on our culture.

In Dallas Buyer’s Club, Jared truthfully and lovingly portrays the life of Rayon, a transgender woman. Sadly, this is, still, a story that is seldom told by mainstream studio films. It’s the story of an epidemic that ravaged hundreds of thousands of lives. And it’s an indelible story that we cannot forget, for if we do, we risk overlooking the lives of so many people who continue to live with HIV/AIDS, especially among African Americans, Latinos, and transgender people of all colors.

But this can change.

Rayon’s story is one woman’s story, and it’s a powerful one, but Hollywood can further explore the moving and triumphant lives of more Trans people. By doing so, we can end the violence that disproportionately affects our community and foster more understanding and acceptance of Transgender people. After all, we all deserve a chance to be seen and the power in being heard.

On behalf of Jared, thank you for this recognition.”

(Source: facebook.com)


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